5 Tips to Prevent Leather Furniture Damage


Leather furniture has a reputation for being easy to damage and hard to care for. However, that reputation is largely undeserved. While leather sofas and chairs may need more maintenance than the average piece of furniture, the years of use are well worth the additional care. While it is important to check the tags on furniture for special cleaning instructions, these leather repairs are common to most pieces.

Clean Spills as Soon as Possible

The occasional splash won’t ruin a leather chair as long as it’s wiped up right away. However, if it isn’t caught immediately, spreading the liquid over a larger section of the upholstery before removing the moisture will reduce the chance of unsightly lines or permanent stains.

Remove Dirt Carefully

Debris and dirt can scratch leather during conditioning or cleaning, creating damage and allowing odour-causing bacteria to grow. To avoid scratching, wipe the furniture with a dry, soft cloth, taking care to remove excess dirt before cleaning. Be sure to use a damp cloth, and do not use alkaline or ammonia-based cleansers.

Keep the Furniture in the Shade

Extended exposure to sunlight can dry leather, causing discoloration and cracking. To prevent this type of climate-related damage, do not put leather furniture in areas with direct sunlight and keep the curtains drawn as much as possible.

Use a Heat Source to Minimise Stretching

Durable leather furniture can stand up to years of continual use, and it can usually bounce back quickly with a trip to the leather chair repairers. Occasionally, though, a leather piece may stretch too far and not regain its shape. A hair dryer on its highest setting can heat the leather for greater malleability. As it cools, it will regain its original shape and size.

Seek Professional Assistance

If leather furniture is treated with care, the owner should be able to handle everyday cleaning and leather repairs. However, accidents happen, and it is best to leave emergencies to the professionals. If there’s a piece of leather furniture in the home that is damaged, you can call our pros at Fibre New or visit us at www.leatherplasticrepairs.co.nz for more information on leather repair in Wellington.


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