The Benefits of Repairing Your Existing Furniture


The cost of furniture continues to skyrocket. When a furnishing in the home is damaged, don’t automatically assume it needs to be replaced. With the help of professional furniture restoration, any person can have an item that looks brand new in a short period of time. Following are some of the many benefits of restoring furniture as opposed to replacing it.


Leather upholstory repair in Wellington is the preferred option for many when they are dealing with an item that is of high quality. When determining if quality needs to be the top priority in this determination, consider the cost of fixing the upholstery and the cost of replacing the piece, but take into account how long the new item will last and how long the existing one will. A well made piece will often cost less over the long term when restored.

Sentimental Value

Vinyl furniture repair in Wellington is also the best choice for those items that have sentimental value to the owner. This may be a special piece that the person picked up during their lifetime and they don’t want to part with it. For others, it is an item that has been handed down from generation to generation but now needs some work. When this is the case, it’s best to have the item fixed as opposed to replacing it. Leather car seat repair in Wellington should also be considered when a person is dealing with a classic car and wants to keep as many of the original parts as possible.

Other Factors To Take Into Account

An item that has been in a home with smokers may always retain the smell of cigarette or cigar smoke. Leather, vinyl, or plastic restoration may not be of help in this situation, as the smoke has seeped into the frame. Humidity and dampness may lead to mold growth on the furniture, and this smell can be hard to remove. Possible bug infestations need to be taken into consideration also.

Vinyl repairs in Wellington are only one of the many tasks handled by Fibrenew Wellington ( Call on them and rest assured knowing you will get high-quality workmanship and sharp attention to detail. The company offers mobile service along with professional and transparent advice, and customers know they adhere to strict safety standards with every job. Call them today for all of your plastic, leather, and vinyl repair needs.


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